Long Ride

from by Freematik



This track is an over 12-minute long journey into my strange musical world. I consider this not an album, not a song, but a "musical vignette" since the sections flow together in abstract ways, not intending to be a chorus or a verse, but instead, in the spirit of artists such as the group Mr. Bungle or DJ Shadow, the parts stand each on their own as unique music, but work even better when listening all woven together.


from Long Ride, released May 18, 2016
Production Notes:

Most of the parts were created in Numerology 4, my DAW of choice in most situations now. I use this "modular" style sequencer to create short parts that use VSTi's for the synth sounds as well as drums via Maschine/Breaktweaker, processed with a wide variety of plugins.

Then I turn these short parts into a basic song structure, and render the sections as audio. Then the parts are placed into Cubase, which I then use a modular synth to further process the audio, and then mix the tracks in Cubase.

The final step is to combine each short track in a master cubase project, where I add additional overdubs such as live bass, guitar, synths, DJ scratches, etc. This master project is then mixed and mastered.

All parts and instruments were played by myself, with the exception of the DJ scratches in certain sections, performed by Destro Mars.


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Freematik is a Bay Area, California-based music producer and comic creator. In 2010 with iMatik he caught the world's attention with an album made completely with an iPhone. In 2012 with Hustlevania he made possibly the ultimate hip-hop Halloween anthem and music video. Now in addition to his music releases he has created a motion comic called Dark Moon, check it out at darkmooncomic.com! ... more

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