Where the Wild Things At?

by Freematik



This is a nearly 10-minute long iPad electronic jam, which I have available for a $1 donation at bay2africa.org's music page. The proceeds from this goes directly to Gifts of Water, which currently is working on a project in Uganda to bring more water to the region.

This was fun to make, I made it in the same manner as my "iPhone album" from 2010. I overdubbed multiple layers with the iPad instead of iPhone this time, and mixed the project in a DAW (Cubase 6.5). This track is a little more raw and done over a shorter period of time. I used apps such as Garageband, iMS-20, iPolysix, iKaossilator, Animoog, and many more.

I haven't done much iOS music since that iPhone album in 2010, because while doing music on the iPhone was fun, I wasn't very impressed with the music apps on the iPad, when it first came out. I pre-ordered and bought the first iPad, thinking I would be jamming on it instantly, but while I loved the iPad in general for misc. things like games, at first the music apps were pretty boring, even though well done. Now the apps are much better and the possibilities are limitless.

I still feel, though, that the devices are mostly only useful as an add-on device to a good music studio, instead of being a studio itself. That's where I've used it more often, and will be releasing an album soon where I use it mainly for synth overdubs and leads, and it would be hard to tell the difference between it and your average pricey digital synth.

Anyways, this is just a fun jam, that I hope raises a little money for charity... hope you enjoyed the story behind it!



released December 29, 2012
Song for sale at Bay2Africa.org! $1 Download!!! All proceeds go to charity!!!


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Freematik is a Bay Area, California-based music producer and comic creator. In 2010 with iMatik he caught the world's attention with an album made completely with an iPhone. In 2012 with Hustlevania he made possibly the ultimate hip-hop Halloween anthem and music video. Now in addition to his music releases he has created a motion comic called Dark Moon, check it out at darkmooncomic.com! ... more

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