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Big Trouble in Cmin

by Freematik



I made this 10 minute long track out of completely damaged drum tracks (thanks to James Cigler for letting me borrow the Metasonix TM-7 for that) and live tracking of bass, keys, and other instruments.

My goal was musically appealing destruction with a concept album feel, like a roller coaster through a dystopian city being decimated by a monster. After making a lot of chill music like the Teleported album with Myka 9 and the Dark Moon soundtrack, I felt the need to smash something in a musical sense. It's like a musical version of smashing up a hotel room. Lots of fun!!!


released October 27, 2018


all rights reserved




Psychedelic instrumental hip-hop, downtempo electronic music, and experimental nonsense --- Check the Known Shadows link below for my other productions and check out my comic on twitter! (@darkmooncomic)

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